Class Browser Plus - Technical Support

Class Browser Plus is a Windows 8 Developer's utility that enables you to view the properties, methods and events (along with help text) for all Windows 8 classes. You can browse all the classes, or view classes grouped by namespace (functional area). The Snippets feature allows you to browse simple, concrete examples of how to use key Windows 8 classes and features. If you like the example code, copy it for your own project with a single click or tap!

App Features

  • View all Windows 8 WinRT classes, along with descriptive text
  • View the properties, methods and events in each class, along with help text
  • Browse classes categorized by namespace
  • View examples of using Windows 8 classes
  • Copy code snippets directly for use in your own projects

What is WinRT?

WinRT (short for Windows Runtime) is the set of APIs used to create Windows Store apps. WinRT APIs are defined in .winmd files that encode metadata using the ECMA 335 format, which is very similar to that of .NET assemblies. WinRT .winmd files do not contain code (this is part of the underlying Windows 8 OS), only metadata.


Support Information

The latest version (1.00) of Class Browser Plus is available from the Windows Store.

Class Browser Plus was designed to run on any Windows 8-compatible device. We are not currently aware of any problems or bugs related to the operation of the app. If problems are reported, we'll list them here, along with any associated solutions.

Privacy Policy

You can view the privacy policy for the app here.